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The usual insurance policies all have their limits.

Homeowners, renters, auto, you name it — no matter how good the policy is, there’s a ceiling to the coverage, usually around $500,000. Once you hit it, you’re on your own.

For most claims, those standard policies are more than sufficient. But what happens when the claim and the judgment exceed your liability limit?

We frequently see multi-million-dollar verdicts arising out of car accidents. Are your personal assets now exposed to the claim?

This is where a personal umbrella steps in to add an additional layer of protection over and above your underlying policies. Umbrella coverages start at $1 million of protection, but can be purchased for much higher limits.

At E.L. Sanders, we often recommend personal umbrella insurance for our customers. We’ve seen too many people go without that extra coverage and come to regret it later.

You don’t have to break the bank to add personal umbrella to your insurance portfolio.

The beauty of the personal umbrella is that it is very affordable. A $1 million policy covering two cars and a home can cost as little as $250 a year.

You’ve worked hard for the things you have — for the money in your bank account, the cars in your driveway and the place you call home. Why risk it? With a personal umbrella policy, peace of mind comes at low cost.