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Farm Coverage

Over nearly 120 years, our agency has seen the incredible evolution of Southern Maryland. What was a mostly rural region dominated by tobacco farms is now one of the nation’s most affluent areas and still growing at a rapid pace.

Yet our farms and farmers are still here and still essential to our way of living.

E.L. Sanders Insurance Agency has always taken care of farmers, and we always will. Farm coverage is one of our specialties because insuring small and medium-sized farm operations can be a complex task. Not every agency is up for it.

Farms are unique among businesses of comparable size because typically the farmers — and in some cases, the employees — live where they work. Personal vehicles are used for work purposes. Those home and business needs are usually intertwined.

Unique Farm Policies to Fit One-of-a-Kind Businesses

The Farm coverage that we offer is designed to recognize those unique circumstances. It lets us work with farmers to tailor a policy that fits their lives and operations perfectly, without the gaps or overlap that might result from cherry picking separate personal and commercial coverages.

Our policies can cover all sorts of farming operations, including grain, vegetables, fruits, livestock, dairy and, yes, still tobacco. They can cover the animals, the crops, the dwellings, the outbuildings, the machinery, the land and workers’ compensation.

Because every farm is different, we work with farmers to understand the nature of their operation and thing things that are most important for the farm to be successful. Then we build a policy to fit.

Covering Local Farms to Keep the Tradition Going Strong

We don’t foresee a day when insuring farmers and their operations is not an important part of what we do at E.L. Sanders Insurance Agency. 

In fact, we see new farm businesses starting all the time, all across Southern Maryland. Existing farms are constantly evolving, so as their operations change, their insurance needs change, too.

We’re here for all of them, ready to provide the coverage that they need to ensure that the farming tradition in Southern Maryland is still going strong in another 120 years.