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Regina EstevezWhen we say that our agency is like a family, it’s hard to find a better example than Regina Estevez. She started working with us after graduating high school in 1983, and she’s been with us ever since.

Though she started as a receptionist, it wasn’t long before she jumped at the chance to grow into a new role as a licensed insurance agent. Regina exemplifies the friendly, family-oriented service that we provide to all of our clients and she sets an example for our entire team.

Get to know her a little better in this quick Q&A!

Having started at the agency as a receptionist, what made you want to pursue a different role and a career in the insurance industry? 

After an employee left the agency, I was given the opportunity to learn the Personal Lines Customer Service role and become a licensed insurance agent. If I’m being honest, my insurance career chose me and not the other way around! That said, I love my job and working with my clients.

How have you seen E.L. Sanders Insurance Agency change over the years?

By far, the most changes have come in the form of technology. When I started, we shared computers and had a rotary phone.

 What is your primary role today and what do you do to serve your policyholders? 

I am a Certified Insurance Service Representative for Personal Lines customers. I manage a book of business by reviewing policies and working with customers to ensure they have the best coverages. I am available to my clients when they need to make changes to their policies. I work with my coworkers to remain up to date with our various insurance carrier changes.

What makes E.L. Sanders a great place to work? 

Sense of Family. Over my 38 years of working here, the one thing that’s remained consistent is we develop relationships with each other and our families. That carries over to my clients as well. I’ve watched many of my current clients grow up and am now working with them to provide policies for their children!  

What do you enjoy most outside of work? 

Spending time with family is most important. Whether it is dinner or playing games or just watching a movie when we can. Drag Racing with my family at MIR and traveling to go racing at other tracks.